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The intermediate and higher secondary education commission offers scholarships to lower and higher secondary students. The HSP scholarship management information system received an important notice from the authority recently (MIS). Many teachers were concerned about the stipend account being opened in the HSP-MIS platform to cover students in grades 6 and 11.

Questions arose on when to open the account, which bank account to use, and which smartphone baking app to use, among other things. In this post, we’ll go over what you need to know about HSP scholarships and how to set up a new stipend account.

What is HSP Scholarship MIS Program?

HSP stands for Harmonized Stipend Service, which is a stipend program administered to students by the intermediate and higher secondary education boards. Students must submit information to the organization authority as they apply for entry to classes 6, 9, and 11. The authority enters the details for those students to validate the scholarship after receiving it.

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How to Open HSP Scholarship MIS Account?

Scholarship for HSP students For intermediate and upper secondary students, MIS is a very useful application. The intermediate and higher secondary education authority has provided guidance for hpsbd.com to open a stipend account. The below are the step-by-step guidelines for creating an account:

  • Any online bank account with 13 to 17 digits, as well as any smartphone banking account, can be used by the chosen students.
  • Using the national ID cards of the chosen students’ father or mother, an online bank account or mobile banking account must be opened.
  • If a student has already opened an account, there is no need to do so again.
  • Separate accounts can be accessed for various students using the father’s or mother’s national ID card if a parent has more than one child in secondary or higher secondary school.
  • In the accounts, the national ID card number of the parents must match the national ID card number of the parents in the HSP MIS portal.

hspbd.com 2021

HSP Scholarship MIS login.

How to Entry the Information in HSP MIS?

For entering student data into the HSP MIS portal, there are certain rules to follow. The laws are as follows:

  • The same entity must enter the details of selected class 6 students in the 2020-2021 school year and class 11 students in the 2020-2021 school year. From March 8th to April 7th, 2021, this detail must be used.
  • If high school students are accepted into class nine and chosen for the stipend, their details must be entered into the HSP MIS scheme.
  • The UID number for the students should be taken from their birth certificates.
  • In order to enter the right details for students in HSP MIS, it is also necessary to enter the name of the students’ father or mother as well as their national ID card number.
  • Out of the HSP stipend network, it is forbidden to give the organization your User ID and password. It is also forbidden to enter information about certain institution’s students into the HSP MIS.

HSP MIS Login 103.48 16.248 8080

Login in to the HSP MIS software using the address to import the details of selected candidates. Aside from that, the listed connection can also be found on the Prime Minister Education Assistance Trust’s website (http://www.pmeat.gov.bd). The supplied User ID and password must be used to log in. After signing in, go to the Harmonized Stipend software, follow the dashboard, and enter and save the educational institution and student records.

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HSP scholarship MIS is undoubtedly a great initiative for students and respective parents to keep the education life smooth. We have described all the information very clearly so no one will have any confusion. However, though until now there are many days to entry the names, it is safe to entry the names as soon as possible as the server may get down when the deadline comes closer.

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