NU COVID Vaccine Registration 2021

NU COVID Vaccine Registration for Students: National University has sent a reminder for students to receive their COVID-19 vaccine by registering on this website: covidinfo/.

By completing this online registration, you are indicating your willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which is being pushed out by the Government of Bangladesh through the National University of Bangladesh.

This data gathering is the first step in the Ministry of Education’s process of allocating vaccines to students at Bangladesh’s National University.

As a result, National University students must fill out the COVID-19 form, which can be found at covidinfo/, with their National ID Number, Mobile Number, and Other Necessary Informatio

Phase 1 of the Covid-19 immunization registration is now open. Starting July 9, 2021, through the nu vaccination portal at covidinfo/. National University students can also finish their registration through this website.

For registration, there is no mobile app accessible. However, instructions on how students can finish the registration process through mobile are provided below.

Everyone from National University and its related colleges or institutions will be eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-1 under phase one of the vaccination registration.

What is the procedure for registering? You will need to authenticate your identity using a photo identification card, such as a National ID Cad Number, in order to register online. You’ll also need to enter a valid phone number.

Students will be provided a notice for the next step they need to take based on availability. The day, time, and other details about vaccination administration will be given to students by SMS to their registered cell phone numbers.

However, the National University Students are only one day away from phase 1, which is the most important phase.

NU COVID Registration for Students:

The registration process for the COVID-19 Vaccine will be held at National University Bangladesh for National University students.

Students are encouraged to complete the form at covidinfo/. by July 12, 2021, with all relevant information.

Please note that while many students have already submitted their information, some students have entered inaccurate information.

Students must ensure that the required information submitted is correct and genuine, as this is not only an official obligation from the university but also from the Ministry of Education. Invalid/false submissions are a big disciplinary issue.

Eligibility for Vaccine Registration:

In order to be eligible for vaccine as a National University student, they must meet the following requirements in order to complete the vaccination form issued by the National University of Bangladesh.

  • Must be a student at Bangladesh’s National University.
  • Currently enrolled in any National University programme.
  • A National ID Card Number is required.
nu covid vaccine

How to Complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

This is a step-by-step registration guidance for students at Bangladesh’s National University who want to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 Corona Virus.

The covid-19 corona virus vaccine registration form can be found on the National University of Bangladesh’s official website.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has agreed to include National University students studying in Bangladesh in a nationwide vaccination campaign against the Corona Virus Covid-19.

  • Mobile Number(To receive SMS notification)
  • National ID Card Number
  • Is COVID-19 Vaccine is taken or not (yes or no)
  • Residential Status

Starting on July 9, 2021, students at the National University of Bangladesh will be able to self-register through the National University of Bangladesh’s official website until July 12, 2021.

National University students can only acquire vaccine in the center listed on the SMS after registering and receiving an SMS on their phone.

nu covid vaccine registration page 1
nu covid vaccine registration page 2
nu covid vaccine registration page 3 – NU Vaccine Registration Link

The website URL supplied by the National University of Bangladesh to complete the registration for renewing vaccine against the covid-19 Corona Virus is covidinfo.

To finish the registration, students must go to covidinfo and follow the instructions below.

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Guideline for National University Students issued by National University of Bangladesh.

  1. Enter your registration number here.
    To proceed to the next step, enter the registration number in the appropriate areas and click submit.

2. Complete the COVID-19 Information Form.
Now, in the second step, fill in the required information, which includes:
– Mobile Number
– National ID Card Number
– Is COVID-19 Vaccine is taken or not (yes or no)
– Residential Status

3. Fill out the form and submit it.
Review all of the information and submit the form in the final step.

Registration for the NU COVID Vaccine (Video Guideline)

This video demonstrates how any National University student can complete the COVID Vaccine Registration. To complete the National University COVID Corona Virus Vaccine Registration, they simply need to follow the straightforward step-by-step instructions in this video.

NU COVID Vaccine Registration Correction System:

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Correction Process at National University: National University has published a method that allows students to alter their vaccine registration forms before the deadline.

If a student makes a mistake while collecting data for COVID-19, the student has the chance to rectify the form before the deadline.

To correct the form, students must send an e-mail to the national university authorities requesting that the form be cancelled. As a result, the pupils can re-fill the form.

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