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Recently, the authority of Primary and Mass education has revealed new rules concerning the transfer of elementary school academics. during a press informing on August thirteen, state minister of Primary and Mass Education Board, Jakir Hossain proclaimed the first college teacher transfer rules. He aforesaid that elementary school academics area unit to be transferred. When three to five years of labor at a specific establishment. These transfers can come about in Oct 2021.

Prior Primary School Teacher Transfer Rules

Usually, the transfer method is controlling from Jan to move the present system. academics apply for a transfer application manually or in the flesh at the ministry. Within the existing system, this method is each time intense and a problem for academics. Therefore the ministry. To cut back the outlawed cash transfer between “deals” this new on-line system is introduced, the ministry confirms.

Prior Primary School Teacher Transfer Rules Published Date22 January 2021
Primary School Teacher Transfer Rules & Government Official website

Also, during this remaining continuing, there’s loads of scope for corruption. that’s why to place a stop to any or all the direction, the ministry has set to imply the new methodology of elementary school teacher transfer rules.

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New Primary School Teacher Transfer Rules

In this new system, teacher will apply for their transfers through on-line applications. These on-line applications are accepted throughout the complete year. It implies that there’s no limit like before. wherever within the previous system solely the applications for emergency transfers were processed within the month of February.

  • Whereas the overall transfer applications were to be submitted solely throughout the month of the Gregorian calendar month, February. And March by the teacher to the ministry.
  • Now, the new system permits teacher to put in writing his/her transfer letter any time within the year.

Serious Facts of the Primary School Teacher Transfer Rules

When Akram-al-Hossain, senior secretary at the Ministry of Primary. Mass Education were asked by the reporters why did the ministry of education thought of fixing the system. That this new method can expand the hard-working attitudes of educators. Once an educator is denoting in one space for too long, it affects their work ethic. several teacher square measure seen partaking at school management politics and different uncomplimentary suggests that a teacher mustn’t.

  • This new rule additionally takes into consideration the hassles a feminine. Teacher would face if she is transferred far from her family.
  • For married teachers, it’s not obligatory to be announced outside her upazilla.
  • For these special cases, there’ll be AN choice to apply for AN application that lets her reside in an establishment that’s within the Upazila wherever she resides.
  • An alternative choice for feminine teachers avails her to require new transfers wherever her husband/family transfers.

Primary School Teacher Transfer Application Form

Teachers will apply for a transfer to a brand new establishment, only if, there’s AN accessibility of a vacant seat. Step by step pre-primary teachers also will have to be compelled to follow this policy. The ministry assures that the most reason behind this new system is to minimize the sufferings of the teacher.

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Some teacher have opposed this concept spoken language that 3 years may be a nickel-and-dime amount and it’ll solely create things worse. Therefore the ministry is considering turning it into a five-year posting. The updated policy of grade school teacher transfer rules additionally indicates that the principal’s assistant teacher also constitute this policy, meaning, they’re going to be additionally announced once their three to five years term in one establishment.

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